My main motive for staying in shape is that with all of my other medical issues, I don’t need to add diabetes or anything else that comes with obesity on top of it. Another thing that motivates me to exercise is the fact that it helps with some of my medical stuff, like my migraines.

I find that exercise also helps a lot with my anxiety. I can just focus all my energy on the workout and, by the end of it, I usually feel a lot better. This is because of all the chemicals that get released into your body when you workout. When people ask how I stay motivated I tell them this information and they are usually very surprised that I am able to stay so consistent, but if it works I’m willing to do anything to better my condition.

My Exercise Routine

My own wellness or fitness routine is to get up in the morning and get on my elliptical for 20 to 60 minutes. On top of that, my job is very laborious, as I’m standing for the whole time, picking up heavy boxes and doing a fair amount of walking around. When I get home, I sometimes go to a fitness class where the main part is jump roping. Also, I have dance class once a week.

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