If you’re like me, from Wisconsin, you know this winter has been brutal. For those who aren’t too fond of all the snow we’ve gotten, but still looking to get physical activity in on a regular basis, here are a few winter exercise ideas you could consider trying.

Jump Roping

Jump roping! I just started doing this with my mom, and I really like it. I find I build up my endurance much faster than other activities.


You could also try yoga. Along with the jump roping, my mom and I also started doing a little yoga, and I also enjoy that.


You could do stuff you don’t need equipment for, such as push ups, jumping jacks, and holding a plank.

I believe that winter will be much easier if I stay as in shape as I can, that way I won’t have a very hard time working on getting it back once spring finally comes. If you’re finding it hard to stay committed during winter, read our blog post with ways to combat your excuses.