Being a vegan, everyone is always asking me where I get my protein from. My biggest source of it is tofu, and recently I’ve been eating a lot of vegan Alfredo, in which the main ingredient is tofu. 

Vegan Alfredo Recipe

To start, you want the softest tofu you can find. Without pressing or draining it, you put it in a blender and let it become liquid. After this is completed you set that aside and get a sauté pan. 

Next, you put olive oil in it and let the pan heat up. Once the pan is warm, add vegan butter. It is important to do olive oil before the butter so you don’t burn it. If you like, you next put minced garlic into the pan and sauté. 

The next step is to put the tofu in the pan and add spices of your choosing. For vegans, nutritional yeast is awesome at making it taste cheesy! The typical things I add are pepper, salt, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, oragno, pepper flakes, and just a small amount of lemon juice. Sometimes, almond milk is also needed. 

Lastly, boil whatever type of noodles you like (it doesn’t have to be fettuccine) and add them to the sauce after you strain them. Mix it all together in the sauté pan and enjoy! 

Personally, I love finding new recipes. This one came from my sister, who was a vegan at one point but is not anymore.

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