I believe that it’s good for a person to try to push outside of their comfort zone. Because if you don’t, you won’t know how much you can truly achieve. You also don’t know the true capacity of what you’re capable of. I’m not saying people should start trying to pick up 50 pounds at once, because you also have to keep softy in mind.

How To Push Past Your Comfort Zone

A good example of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone would be to try a new activity. Maybe a new machine at the gym that you’ve wanted to try. Maybe a new food. Without getting outside of what we’re comfortable with, there is no way to grow.

Personally, some of my favorite things I have found by pushing myself. Like dance for example, I remember the day of my first class I was so nervous about being as good as everyone else, falling, or not being able to do the moves required for the routine. Once I got there I realized something. Everyone in that class was on a different level as far as skills go, everyone falls, and it’s very simple to make accommodations for moves that I can’t quite do yet. Now, eight years later I look back and laugh at how worried I was. But I also try to realize how much courage it took to go to that first class.

Another example is introducing myself to people. I tend to be pretty shy, and feel like introductions are awkward. But just like with dance, I feel very proud of myself once I do it.

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