I’m sure everyone who experiences NF symptoms gets insecure about their bumps. Especially when people point them out. It’s even worse if they tell you that you should keep them covered up. Well, I’ve been there too, and here is how I succeeded in becoming more confident with myself and letting them show.

First, you’ve got to get those comments out of your head and learn that while everyone is entitled to an opinion, they’re not always going to be nice. Second, you need to figure out what you truly think about your bumps. If they don’t bug you, if they make you self conscious, etc. Set aside the comments and figure out for yourself how you feel about them.

Finally, act on what you think about them. If they don’t bug you, then you can use this as a learning experience to block out comments of other people. If they bug you, then do as you would to keep yourself comfortable, but maybe try to show some every now and then.

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