From January 7th to 11th, I flew to Washington DC with the Littlest Tumor Foundation, NF Midwest, and NF Texas to ask congress for $15m in order to fund more research of a medicine that, in previous studies, has helped people with NF. The other young adult leaders and I got around to every office and worked for advocacy of NF awareness.

At the end of the week, we healed a briefing. Anyone who could make it from offices came to listen to a panel where people talked about how NF has personally affected their lives. This panel was an attempt to get them onboard with funding the medicine research. This experience was very good for me because, not only did I get to meet people my age who have NF and share stories, but I learned about advocacy. I also learned how to speak about my condition with people in a professional manner. My group was the first of the young adults who went to DC for this specific reason, and I would definitely recommend it to others who want to learn more about advocacy.