Living with Neurofibromas Type 1
Hello all. My name is Annalise Kleinschmidt, and I will be writing for the blog. I myself have been living with neurofibromas type 1, as is my mom. We found out I had NF when I was in second grade, due to me having migraines. They did a MRI and learned I had a brain tumor. I did 2 years of chemo for the brain tumor. The next thing they found was scoliosis. I wore a back brace from 2nd grade until 6th, and I had my spine fused in 7th grade. Despite all of this, I have a full time job at a screen printing factory called t. I’ve been there about a year and really like it there. I try my hardest to not let the NF get the best of me, and most days I’m successful. Stay tuned for more blog posts where I share my journey of living with Neurofibromas Type 1.