How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety

Wellness is more than just eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Although most of the time mental wellness goes hand in hand with those three things, it is very important to keep in mind the stress and anxiety of work, going back to school, and anything else that could interfere with your wellbeing. Here’s my tips for how to deal with stress and anxiety.

Talk to a Trusted Friend or Family Member

I personally find that the best cure for stress and or anxiety is to talk to a friend or family member about what and why I feel the way I do, they can help me come up with ways to if not fix it, at least help me feel a little better. If the matter is too personal I also find writing about it helps tremendously.

Add Daily Exercise

Another thing I find helps is getting in a really good cardio workout. This can be running, dancing, kickboxing, biking, or anything that gets your heart rate up. The science behind this is that exercise releases endorphins, which helps bring down levels of both stress and anxiety.

Incorporate Breathing Exercises

And for stress that you may come across in the middle of the day, you could teach yourself breathing techniques to help lower it in the moment.  

Limit Caffeine and Sugar Intake

If you find that this is becoming a daily issue for you, I’d suggest trying to avoid caffeine and trying to lower your sugar intake.

Seek Professional Help

The fact of the matter is that no matter what your job is, or how much you like it, no matter how laid back your teachers or professors at school are, at some point in everyone’s life, they’re going to experience stress and or anxiety at some level. It might not even be from work or school, and it wouldn’t even be considered an issue unless it begins to impact you on a daily basis, in which case if cutting back on the caffeine and sugar, talking about it, writing, and upping your regular or starting to exercising aren’t effectives for how to deal with stress and anxiety for you, then I would personally recommend reaching out and asking for professional help.