Project NF

Fighting Pediatric Tumors

Pediatric tumors may be something in your life you hardly think about; however, a family with a child diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis thinks of little else.

Yet, Neurofibromatosis is much more than tumors.

NF is a myriad of health and learning issues that impact the NF child, which, in turn, impacts the entire family.

Project NF intends to tell the NF story through the eyes of NF children and their families.

Children and their siblings or parents will provide the story through documenting their pediatric NF life.

Photographs and video clips will open the door to educate, inspire, and illustrate how complex NF is.

Mostly, we hope this story will shine a light on our simple message: tumors in children, we do not like them.

What can you do?

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